Pharmaceutical Grade Supplement Products – Are They Worth the Cost?

If you’re concerned about your health and are looking for nutritional products that will meet your needs, there are certain facts that are important to know. You may be comparing the cost of a pharmaceutical grade supplement product to an over the counter product and be confused about the huge price difference. The question that begs to be asked is, why are these supplements so much more expensive, and are they worth the extra cost?

There are several reasons why pharmaceutical grade supplement products are superior to the generic vitamins you see in the drugstore, supermarket, etc. This article addresses the issue of absorption, which is an essential subject in this matter paper writer service

Absorption Into The Bloodstream

Lower quality, low cost vitamins are manufactured with inferior products that are quickly destroyed by stomach acids once they’re taken. Pharmaceutical grade supplements, on the other hand, are created using a process that enables them to survive the digestive process.

During this manufacturing process, a compound is added to pharmaceutical grade supplements that binds to the essential vitamins and minerals, preventing the nutrients from being destroyed by the digestive process. This is a costly procedure, but is essential in providing effective pharmaceutical grade vitamin and mineral products.

Once the vitamins and minerals have passed through the stomach, they are absorbed into the intestinal wall, processed by the liver, and enter into the bloodstream. It is only at this point that the body is able to benefit from the nutritional benefits of the product being used. Any pharmaceutical grade supplement will perform in a superior manner to an over the counter product.

Excretion From The Body

Another important fact to consider when comparing generic vitamins to pharmaceutical grade vitamin products is that many low cost, low quality products are in large part eliminated from the body. You may have noticed that some vitamins are very hard. Since these products are not chewed, the body is forced to work extra hard to process them. Unfortunately, many people are taking supplements that their bodies are just unable to process, which results in waste.

There is a simple exercise that can be done to illustrate how differently over the counter vitamins are processed by the body as compared to pharmaceutical grade supplements. If you take a generic vitamin and a pharmaceutical grade supplement, and drop each into a glass of cider vinegar (heated to 98 degrees), you’ll notice a huge difference within half an hour. The glass that was used for the generic vitamin may contain quite a bit of residue at the bottom, while the glass that was used for the pharmaceutical grade supplement will be free from residue.

The amount of the tablet that has not dissolved within half an hour is illustrative of the total product that is eliminated from the body, rendering it useless.


Although millions upon millions of people are taking vitamin and mineral supplements, most don’t feel any better, and are not any healthier than they would be without these products. This is not because we don’t require nutritional supplementation, but because most people are not taking pharmaceutical grade vitamin and mineral products. Sadly, most of the money spent on over the counter supplements is literally being either eaten up by stomach acids or flushed down the toilet.

Ultimately, each consumer should be able to judge the effectiveness of any supplement product he or she may be taking. An effective product should return noticeable results, including more energy and an improved feeling of well being.

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