Why We Watch Inspirational Movies

Movies are a great way to be inspired, it offers us a chance to be the outlooker looking into the life of a fictional character or non-fictional(if based on true events) who may have a story that resonates with ours. The funny thing is a movie can be unrealistic but have extremely powerful messages, ones that ring true to many.

A good inspirational movie can leave you feeling uplifted by the triumph of the man you just witnessed coming from zero to hero. It may leave you thinking deeply about the sad troubled life of the woman who refused to give up even though, all the forces in her life were against her. It has the the ability to emotionally touch us and that is why inspirational movies are a great.

You often remember things that triggered a certain emotion, in fact just think about the funniest movie you have watched and I bet a little smile will appear on your face. Why? Because we think about a scene Inspirational Movies that made us laugh or a character that did something funny etc. Inspirational movies do the same except they trigger emotions that motivate us or remind us of the strength we as humans have, to endure.

Before you start your next challenge in life use an inspiration movie to motivate yourself and be sure to keep it in a safe place so you can use it again or pass it on to somebody else who needs it more than you.

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